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Predominantly, our lenses are custom manufactured to our Clients’ precise specifications; however, we also stock a wide range of ‘standard’ optical lenses which may be utilized on a wide range of smaller projects.

YL Optics strives hard to ensure that our long-standing enterprise soundly reflects our motto “Customer Priority, Quality First at Competitive Prices ”. Such high and confirmed objectives have assisted our dedicated sales team in forging strong relationships with companies around the globe; from Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Mainland Europe, and The United Kingdom and to North America. And something critical in today’s competitive market is that, as your trustworthy business partner, we take keeping our customers’ documents and products in confidential as our top priority.

We welcome all enquiries from around the globe in order that we may satisfy your specific requirements and, in so doing, further develop our truly international Client base. So, please do contact us in order that we may assist you with either a current or a future project.

Why not allow our business and optical manufacturing skills help you focus on your glass optical lens requirements… today?

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