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  Gobo Panda

Gobos are the most innovative, easy to use and multifunctional tool to carry out advertising messages, to personalize events and to give special effects to every exhibition space. By using gobos, it is possible to project images, pictures, logos on whatever surface both hard and flexible.

Gobo Panda normally produces large amount of gobos and CMY color mixing wheels for entertainment lighting companies in Europe and in the US. We offer a wide catalogue of ready to use gobos. Moreover, Gobo Panda can obtain gobos from pictures, logos, drawings, messages provided by the customer or design and manufacture any customized image.

We make gobos with both Laser Etching and Chemical Etching.

Glass Gobo
We have Black & White Gobos, Single-color Gobos and Multi-color Gobos with 0.3mm, 0.5mm or 1.1mm Schott Borofloat substrate.

Gobo Panda also takes customization orders. Customers can get their customized gobos in 1 week, and all we need is just the artwork and size specification.

单色图案 Single-color Gobos
双色 double-color Gobos
多色 Multi-color Gobos



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